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5 Traits All Successful Writers Have in Common

Success has many faces. For some, it’s net income. For others, social recognition. For a few dedicated ones, it’s making our world a better place — even if just a little bit. No matter the end result, looks like all truly successful professionals — writers, especially — have five major tra...

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SEO Is Dead Or Why You Need to Invest in Quality Writing

If you've been running businesses for some time now, you probably remember the golden days when simply stuffing any nonsense with relevant keywords could get you in top Google pages. And, if some SEO 'expert' ever tries to convince you it still works, don't think twice to block this contact. Because...

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Huge Deal-Breakers That Scare off Your Clients

As a former freelance writer and, currently, an entrepreneur in need of other writers, I know for a fact that there is often a huge deal of misunderstanding between freelancers and their leads. And, as a person who's been on both sides of the battle lines, I also know that some of them can be easily...

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