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3 Dead-End Writing Markets You Should Stop Wasting Your Time On

The first step to finding your niche in the writing market is saying good-byes to the dead-end ones. Just like the first step to solving the problem is accepting that there is a problem, it is crucial to get a better grasp of the areas you are working with to eliminate the ones that have no perspect...

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Demand/Supply vs. Creative Thinking in Business

We all know basic laws of demand and supply. That’s how the market works, and we’ve accepted its logic long ago. But if this is the only reasonable, rational way for it to work, how come we occasionally have truly revolutionary products that are an instant success?  After all, there are plenty...

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Blogging 101: Frustrating Things No One Warns Beginners About (That Shouldn't Discourage You)

You’ve probably seen hundreds of articles on blogging for beginners, and they all dwell on the same thing: find a niche you are passionate about, come up with the publishing schedule, keep doing what you love, and money will follow. Sounds too dreamy, right? The harsh reality is that most of the n...

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The Unique Content - Where Is It Hiding These Days?

Anyone will tell you that to promote your business, you need original, unique content. But is original and unique the same? Yes and no. In the ideal world — of course, they are supposed to be synonyms. In the real one, though… The term ‘original’ often refers to the results of an online plag...

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